Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 12, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARION MEADE, DOROTHY PARKER (WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?) — Her way of looking at life was incurably pessimistic. Confronted by the unknown, she immediately prepared for the worst. Ordinary occurrences — the doorbell or a ringing telephone — made her wonder "What fresh hell is this?"

Clues and answers

A."At the same time, back at the ranch ..."MEANWHILE
B.Poignant, delicate humor of a classical sort (2 wds.)ATTICWIT
C.Football or fraternity activityRUSHING
D.Nowhere near what you're trying to find (hyph.)ICECOLD
E.Figure derived from the 1565 tale "Un Capitano Moro"OTHELLO
F.Knickerbocker (2 wds.)NEWYORKER
G.Baffle with enigmasMYSTIFY
H.Contingent for quadrille dancingEIGHTSOME
I.Bad thing for a renter to be inARREARS
J.Inclined to facilitate coastersDOWNHILL
K.Harold Ross, to the quote's subjectEDITOR
L.Karmic paybackDESERTS
M.Ready to roll (2 wds.)ONWHEELS
N.Phase in bread productionRISING
O.Like a casual bon motOFFHAND
P.HBO drama set in Baltimore (2 wds.) THEWIRE
Q.Actress who "ran the gamut of emotions from A to B"HEPBURN
R.Ambivalent, oxymoronic reply (3 wds.)YESANDNO
S.Modern novelist with a penchant for paranoiaPYNCHON
T.Creator of sawsAPHORIST
U.Hitchcock's only Oscar winner for Best PictureREBECCA
V.Actor who said "The monster was the best friend I ever had"KARLOFF
W.Holder of a crownEMPEROR
X.Setting used to avoid quarrels as to precedence (2 wds.)ROUNDTABLE
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