Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 11, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LEILA AHMED, A BORDER PASSAGE — In the poetry of... Sufism, the song of the reed is the metaphor for our human condition.... Cut from its bed and fashioned into a pipe, the reed forever laments the living earth that it once knew, crying out... its ache... and loss.

Clues and answers

A.Case for a small mementoLOCKET
B.Tenor in the tuba familyEUPHONIUM
C.Get without fully understandingINTUIT
D.Spiritual energy, elan vital (2 wds.)LIFEFORCE
E.Wooded battleground of World War IARGONNE
F.John Buchan's "man who has no invisible means of support"ATHEIST
G.Wi-Fi access point; place of conflict (2 wds.)HOTSPOT
H.One afflicted with logorrheaMOTORMOUTH
I.The Furies, to ancient GreeksERINYES
J.Dog bred to hunt badgersDACHSHUND
K.Calcium-rich form of feldsparANORTHITE
L.Washington-area headquarters of Lockheed MartinBETHESDA
M.Prompt, punctual (2 wds.)ONTIME
N.Page, as through a flipbookRIFFLE
O.Tending to spoil?DOTING
P.Warm-blooded creatureENDOTHERM
Q.Winners of Super Bowl XXXV in 2001RAVENS
R.Program that explored the outer planetsPIONEER
S.Lima and Bangkok, or Seville and Auckland, more or lessANTIPODES
T.Untrustworthy, deviousSHIFTY
U.Accessory brand introduced in Zurich in 1983SWATCH
V.Where Humphrey Bogart went to private schoolANDOVER
W.Lighting technician, in HollywoodGAFFER
X.Spinoza's magnum opusETHICS
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