Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 8, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BARBARA W. TUCHMAN, (THE) PROUD TOWER — [L]ife for the... wealthy [was] pleasant... . When Colonel Brabazon, who affected a fashionable difficulty with his r's,... [was] informed that the train for London had just left, he instructed the station master, "Then bwing me another."

Clues and answers

A.Playful or flirtatious exchangeBANTER
B.10th-century king of EnglandATHELSTAN
D.Exhibit of a kitsch collector? (2 wds.)BADTASTE
E.Liqueur made with apricot pitsAMARETTO
F.Industrial region in economic decline (2 wds.)RUSTBELT
G.Woman of myth who challenged Athena to a weaving contestARACHNE
H.Cover-up; defeat in a contest in which the loser fails to scoreWHITEWASH
I.Shed; shake (2 wds.)THROWOFF
J.The world's first billion-dollar corporation (2 wds.)USSTEEL
K.Cheery Old World songbird often kept as a petCHAFFINCH
L.Chest of drawers in two sectionsHIGHBOY
M.10,000 angstrom units, informallyMICRON
N.Oregon town noted for its Shakespeare festivalASHLAND
O.One who wields shuriken and nanchakusNINJA
P.Applesauce and baloneyPIFFLE
Q.Rootstock, as of an iris or trilliumRHIZOME
R.In telephonic purgatory (2 wds.)ONHOLD
S.Hoffmann opera about a water spriteUNDINE
T.Vermeer's birthplace, famed for ceramicsDELFT
U.Hard-living, aggressive, ready to fight (hyph.)TWOFISTED
V.Synthetic carpet fiberOLEFIN
W.The skinny (2 wds.)WHATSWHAT
X.Cosmetic blepharoplastyEYELIFT
Y.Earl Hines jazz classicROSETTA
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