Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 7, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PAUL MARTIN, SECRET HEROES — Hercules Mulligan is a name every schoolchild should know and not just because it's fun to say. The man didn't utter a memorable last line like his... fellow spy Nathan Hale, but what he did was infinitely more important.

Clues and answers

A.Cranky, peevish, fractious, touchyPETULANT
B.Patriot, to traitorANTONYM
C.British supply reported on by this puzzle's subjectUNIFORMS
D.Overseas confederate of this puzzle's subjectLAFAYETTE
E.Only major female role in "The Tempest"MIRANDA
F.Greek dramatist called the "Father of Tragedy"AESCHYLUS
G.Goal pursued by this puzzle's subjectREVOLUTION
H.In celebration of a great victoryTRIUMPHAL
I.Companion of a blotter and a quillINKWELL
J.Believer that it's all useless and meaninglessNIHILIST
K.Small tree also called a serviceberrySHADBUSH
L.Heighten, as tensions or hostilitiesESCALATE
M.Goods made and sold by this puzzle's subjectCLOTHING
N.Turned back, as an N.B.A. shotREJECTED
O.Volley of gunfire from a flanking positionENFILADE
P.Bill denomination on which Grover Cleveland appearsTHOUSAND
Q.Broadway musical in which this puzzle's subject has a roleHAMILTON
R.Enhance with fanciful features, as a taleEMBELLISH
S.Button on a boom box or a VCRREWIND
T.Unused piece of filmOUTTAKE
U.Where political asylum may be soughtEMBASSY
V.Duel with pistols at dawn, e.g.SHOWDOWN
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