Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 6, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(GEORGE) SAUNDERS, (THE) BRAIN-DEAD MEGAPHONE — [N]ightly news may soon consist entirely of tirades by men so angry and inarticulate that all they do is sputter while punching themselves in the face, punctuated by videos of dogs blowing up after eating firecrackers... .

Clues and answers

A.Weirdly absurd, off-the-wallSCREWY
B.Stunned with dismayAGHAST
C.Like tousled locksUNKEMPT
D.One whose life is barely noticed?NUDIST
E.Make less sophisticated (2 wds.)DUMBDOWN
F.Make one's get-up-and-go get up and go?ENERVATE
G.Palindromic pit sight (2 wds.)RACECAR
H.Guilty of a deadly sinSLOTHFUL
I."Your ____ will help create the fact" (William James)BELIEF
J.Fresh start for a film franchiseREBOOT
K.Elvis Costello song with the line "My aim is true"ALISON
L.Given more importance than is warrantedINFLATED
M.What Cordelia offers King Lear in Act I, Scene INOTHING
N.Amount by which a team is behind in the scoreDEFICIT
O.Spin imparted by sporting typesENGLISH
P.Sign for April Fools' DayARIES
Q.First European known to have crossed the Mississippi River (2 wds.)DESOTO
R.Matter beyond our graspMYSTERY
S.Military standardENSIGN
T.Entry pointGATEWAY
U.Put an end to by satisfyingASSUAGE
V.Do a substitute's job (hyph.)PINCHHIT
W.Under taker?HYPNOTIST
X.Exaggerate in performanceOVERACT
Z.Render secret from unfriendly eyesENCRYPT
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