Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 31, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HELEN HAYES, ON REFLECTION — It is difficult... for a star to occupy an inch of space without... unbalancing a play. No matter how self-effacing [he] may be, he makes an entrance as a casual neighbor and the audience interest shifts to the house next door.

Clues and answers

A.Soda fountain supply (2 wds.)HOTFUDGE
B.Right to use another's landEASEMENT
C.Cause of snapping? (2 wds.)LASTSTRAW
D.Anatomical depiction of a body without its skinECORCHE
E.Dutch-born actress in "An American in Paris" (2 wds.)NINAFOCH
F.Sort of rorqual known for singingHUMPBACK
G."Predigested wisdom," to Ambrose BierceAPHORISM
H.Mexican peninsula or stateYUCATAN
I.Fun and daring adventureESCAPADE
J.Wyoming town named for a Union generalSHERIDAN
K.Far from any hustle and bustle (hyph.)OUTOFTHEWAY
L."War and Peace" heroineNATASHA
M.Snub or slight; turn awayREBUFF
N.Prickly, like a porcupineECHINATE
O.Metaphorical venue for jet-setters and high rollers (2 wds.)FASTLANE
P.Billy Strayhorn jazz classic (2 wds.)LUSHLIFE
Q.Nonnative plant or animalEXOTIC
R.Put on your thinking capCOGITATE
S.Amino acid from which melanin derivesTYROSINE
T.Disgruntled, peeved, miffed (3 wds.)INASNIT
U.Sculptor of Philadelphia's monumental "Clothespin"OLDENBURG
V.Pulitzer category won twice by Barbara TuchmanNONFICTION
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