Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 30, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


F(ANNY) TROLLOPE, DOMESTIC MANNERS (OF THE AMERICANS) — [T]he land is defended from... the river by a... levee; without which the dwellings would speedily disappear... . I could not help fancying [Nature] would some day take the matter into her own hands..., and if so, farewell to New Orleans.

Clues and answers

A.Exemplar of superfluity (2 wds.)FIFTHWHEEL
B.One unlikely to foot the billTIGHTWAD
C.Flavoring for Turkish delight (2 wds.)ROSEWATER
D.Tending to stay in lineOBEDIENT
E.Target of a late-night raid?LEFTOVER
F.Game banned in the U.S. in 1988 (2 wds.)LAWNDARTS
G.Farther along in time or placeONWARD
H.Protection from some harmful raysPARASOL
I.One of the Waughs, or his first wifeEVELYN
J."Annus Mirabilis" poetDRYDEN
K.Confessed, admitted (2 wds.)OWNEDUP
L.Stonehenge constituentMEGALITH
M.Knockout, looker, hunk, babeEYEFUL
N.Grant recipient's regular allotmentSTIPEND
O.Rock opera pioneers (2 wds.)THEWHO
P.Spoken with varying pitchINFLECTED
Q.Topper for satay or samosasCHUTNEY
R.Figure you might see in a mosqueMULLAH
S.Offer a friendly word of adviceADMONISH
T.Erstwhile requirement at New York's "21" ClubNECKTIE
U.Improvise in a casual wayNOODLE
V.Fanged snake like a cobra or kraitELAPID
W.Region of reduced precipitation to the lee of high mountains (2 wds.)RAINSHADOW
X.John McEnroe memoir "You Cannot Be ___"SERIOUS
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