Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 3, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(W. SOMERSET) MAUGHAM, A WRITER'S NOTEBOOK — The philosopher is like a mountaineer who has... climbed a mountain for the sake of the sunrise, and arriving at the top finds only fog... . He must be an honest man if he doesn't tell you that the spectacle was stupendous.

Clues and answers

A.Preprandial theatergoing optionMATINEE
B.Bituminous gunk used in roofingASPHALT
C.Chicago entertainment districtUPTOWN
D.Get ready to multiply, in the Bible? (2 wds.)GOFORTH
E.Props for rearing animals (2 wds.)HINDLEGS
F.Giant wrestler crushed by HerculesANTAEUS
G.Ancestor of Cortland and Empire applesMCINTOSH
H.Change given by a quarterbackAUDIBLE
I.Cod, haddock or pollockWHITEFISH
J.Pre-reggae ska offspring (2 wds.)ROCKSTEADY
K.Teeming, as with sharks or fleasINFESTED
L.River spanned by Waterloo BridgeTHAMES
M.Like Mae West vis-a-vis life preserversEPONYMOUS
N.Overpayment outcome, oftenREFUND
O.Landform conducive to speed (2 wds.)SALTFLAT
P.Type of jade once thought to cure kidney stonesNEPHRITE
Q.Stone at Delphi thought to mark the center of the earthOMPHALOS
R.Variable involved in tuning a violinTENSION
S.Number of sides in an undecagonELEVEN
T.Pessimistic, on Wall StreetBEARISH
U.Collaborator with Lise Meitner on fission (2 wds.)OTTOHAHN
V.Attract more acclaim thanOUTSHINE
W.Chronicler of a road trip with CassadyKEROUAC
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