Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 29, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


STEVEN JOHNSON, THE GHOST MAP — [An] itinerant underclass managed to conjure up an entire system for processing... the waste generated by two million people. ... [T]he scavengers of Victorian London weren't just getting rid of that refuse — they were recycling it.

Clues and answers

A.Gavel-to-gavel periodSESSION
B.Raze; pan (2 wds.)TEARDOWN
C.Production of the ovaryESTROGEN
D.Convert into glassVITRIFY
E.Momentous, historicEVENTFUL
F.Elementary particle that can pass through matter almost undisturbed NEUTRINO
G.Gin-flavoring berry sourceJUNIPER
H.Heading in the right direction; accurate (2 wds.)ONTARGET
I.Einstein or Erasmus, philosophicallyHUMANIST
J.Pay no attention to, disregardNEGLECT
K.Preservative for dried fruit, oftenSULFITE
L.Contents of some magazinesORDNANCE
M.State ranked first in population density (2 wds.)NEWJERSEY
N.Stuff commonly sold by Yankee peddlersTINWARE
O.Staged undertaking?HYPNOTISM
P.Acts of vandalism by environmentalistsECOTAGE
Q.Support for a drop leaf (2 wds.)GATELEG
R.Property divider that needs tending HEDGEROW
S.Locale for some underwater treasure hunters (2 wds.)OYSTERBED
T.City where "The Office" is setSCRANTON
U.Belonging to the nobilityTITLED
V.Oscar-winning role for Robert Donat (2 wds.)MRCHIPS
W.Kind of marigold native to Mexico, oddlyAFRICAN
X.Stinker of the species Mustela putoriusPOLECAT
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