Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 28, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ADAM JACOB) DE BOINOD, THE MEANING OF TINGO — My interest in the quirkiness of foreign words was triggered when one day working... for the BBC quiz programme "QI," I picked up a weighty Albanian dictionary to discover that they have... twenty-seven words for eyebrows.

Clues and answers

A.Something felt on a man's headDERBY
B.Labor union for theater actors, informallyEQUITY
C.Unglazed white ceramic wareBISQUE
D.The back of the handOPISTHENAR
E.Affront to one's self-respectINDIGNITY
F.Ikea employee dress code violationNECKTIE
G.Left winger of the Washington Capitals OVECHKIN
H.Mississippi crosser of 1541 (2 wds.)DESOTO
I.Fare that arrives in a box (2 wds.)TVSHOW
J.Relentlessly greedy, grasping personHARPY
K.Like margarine, to a butter loverERSATZ
L.In a thick tangle, as hairMATTED
M.Make deadlier, as an arrowheadENVENOM
N.Stratum that's well-connected?AQUIFER
O.Provision for a rainy day (2 wds.)NESTEGG
P.River that was Kipling's "road to Mandalay"IRRAWADDY
Q.Animals fancied by Wodehouse's Gussie Fink-NottleNEWTS
R.Talk signifying nothingGIBBERISH
S.Clockwork model of the solar systemORRERY
T.What drivers deliberately attempt to hitFAIRWAYS
U.Performance so good it challenges other artistsTHROWDOWN
V.Like a firehouse on fire, sayIRONIC
W.Second game of a baseball doubleheaderNIGHTCAP
X.Lampyris noctiluca GLOWWORM
Y.Painter of "Black Cross, New Mexico"OKEEFFE
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