Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 27, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


JANINE M. BENYUS, BIOMIMICRY — Humbling... are the hordes of organisms casually performing feats we can only dream about.... How do dragonflies outmaneuver our best helicopters?... How do ants carry the equivalent of hundreds of pounds... through the jungle?

Clues and answers

A.Idol of Krishna pulled on an enormous cartJUGGERNAUT
B.Throw with colorful designsAFGHAN
C.New Jersey birthplace of Jack NicholsonNEPTUNE
D.Show-stopper for Ethel Merman in 1930's "Girl Crazy" (3 wds.)IGOTRHYTHM
E.Poet portrayed in "Il Postino" as the postman's mentorNERUDA
F.Objective for Sir Walter Raleigh and others (2 wds.)ELDORADO
G.Put out, resentfulMIFFED
H.Benevolent sprites or lunchbox treatsBROWNIES
I.English king who fled to Normandy, 1013ETHELRED
J.Instrument also known as a Humanatone (2 wds.)NOSEFLUTE
K.Hand in whist with no card higher than a nineYARBOROUGH
L.Forthcoming, honest (hyph.)UPFRONT
M.Quick, informal profilesSNAPSHOTS
N.Expose to ozone or chlorineBLEACH
O.Show opening at London's Savoy Theatre in 1882IOLANTHE
P.Formula relating current, voltage and resistance (2 wds.)OHMSLAW
Q.Bicycle fenderMUDGUARD
R.Living the life of Riley (2 wds.)INCLOVER
S.Potential quarry for Clovis huntersMASTODON
T.Having two equal sides, as a triangleISOSCELES
U.The raven's genusCORVUS
V.Sort of cheese that is ripened in cavesROQUEFORT
W.Transliteration of the TetragrammatonYAHWEH
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