Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 26, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(GARRISON) KEILLOR, TAKE IN THE STATE FAIR — The state fair is a ritual carnival marking the end of summer and gardens and apple orchards and the start of school and... algebra and the imposition of strict rules and what we in the North call the Long Dark Time.

Clues and answers

A.Guys who've got mailKNIGHTS
B.Role played by O'Hara (1939), Lollobrigida (1956) and Hayek (1997)ESMERALDA
C.Those whose motto is "Esto perpetua"IDAHOANS
D.One taking stock?LOOTER
E.Glass pendant in a chandelierLUSTER
F.Uncut for many, many years (hyph.)OLDGROWTH
G.Aussie who won the U.S. Open twiceRAFTER
H.Trouble hitting pitches (2 wds.)TINEAR
I.Part of many addresses these days (2 wds.)ATSIGN
J.Fife player in comedyKNOTTS
K.Given extra bells and whistlesENHANCED
L.Beneath one's status, as servants' chores to nobles (2 wds.)INFRADIG
M.Floating, like lotus leavesNATANT
N."It was my thirtieth year to heaven" poetTHOMAS
O.University from which Pete Seeger dropped outHARVARD
P.Shoe with a sole of ropeESPADRILLE
Q.Trigger for a sciophobe's fearSHADOW
R.Push, drive, propulsionTHRUST
S.Class for axolotls and mudpuppiesAMPHIBIA
T.Project for sandhogsTUNNEL
U.Having a host on handEMCEED
V.Improvement in appearance (hyph.)FACELIFT
W.Closer in a relay raceANCHOR
X.Body-on-body eventIMPACT
Y.Hero of an early chanson de gesteROLAND
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