Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 25, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(DAVID) MAMET, THREE USES OF THE KNIFE — It is in our nature to dramatize. ...(W)e reinterpret the weather — an essentially impersonal phenomenon — into an expression of our current view of the universe. "Great. It's raining. Just when I'm blue. Isn't that just like life?"

Clues and answers

A.Dreamy god of Greeks and RomansMORPHEUS
B.Come to, as a decision (2 wds.)ARRIVEAT
C.Practitioner of capitalismMERCHANT
D.Muppet with Rubber DuckieERNIE
E.Seated figure in many New Yorker cartoonsTHERAPIST
F.Shakespeare's Cressida, for oneTROJAN
G.Striking event in meteorologyHAILSTORM
H.Earliest U.S. intercollegiate sport (1852)ROWING
I.Volcanic mount of AntarcticaEREBUS
J.Privately (2 wds.)ENTRENOUS
K.Like harvested bananas, usuallyUNRIPE
L.Pious, perfectSAINTLY
M.Last name on Martin Sheen's passportESTEVEZ
N.It may go up a mountain in the spring (2 wds.)SNOWLINE
O.Best with brainpowerOUTWIT
P.Not for real, insincere, shamFEIGNED
Q."Das Kapital" or "Common Sense," e.g.TREATISE
R.Coxa, in anatomy (2 wds.)HIPJOINT
S.One signing up for a tourENLISTEE
T.Gulf war battlegroundKUWAIT
U.Producer of "The Jeffersons" and "Maude" (2 wds.)NORMANLEAR
V.One ___ Loop (Apple's street address)INFINITE
W.Bug repellent? (2 wds.)FLUSHOT
X.Direction for departing playersEXEUNT
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