Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 25, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


NORA EPHRON, SCRIBBLE, SCRIBBLE — Mrs. Kingsley... worked out her puzzles using anagram blocks on a piece of felt. ... [H]'s were the bane of her existence, with f's and w's close behind. ... "Powwow" was a favorite answer; "tow-row" set off a terrible fracas among her fans.

Clues and answers

A.Publication of the Washington Post CompanyNEWSWEEK
B.Mount upon which Pelion was piled in mythOSSA
C.Anathema to many a hay fever suffererRAGWEED
D.Ruler whose descent is traced from Ali and Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad (2 wds.)AGAKHAN
E.Part of a country completely cut off from the restEXCLAVE
F.Tempo faster than allegroPRESTO
G.LL Cool J's style (hyph.)HIPHOP
H.1954 mystery starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly (2 wds.)REARWINDOW
I.Region that includes Branson, Mo.OZARKS
J.Fund set aside for the future (2 wds.)NESTEGG
K.Mother witSMARTS
L.Deep purplish redCLARET
M.Elizabethan neckpiecesRUFFS
N.Larva of a geometrid mothINCHWORM
O.The world's fifth largest islandBAFFIN
P.Plankton-straining material in whalesBALEEN
Q.Member of a popular front movementLEFTIST
R.First communications satellite, launched in 1960ECHO
S.Bird whose call evokes a blade being sharpened (2 wds., hyph.)SAWWHETOWL
T.Cigars with untapered endsCHEROOTS
V.Maker of Troopers and AxiomsISUZU
W.Epithet for England's Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1720-88)BONNIE
X.Figure at a wedding (2 wds.)BESTMAN
Y.Inside information; despicableLOWDOWN
Z.Blot on the landscapeEYESORE
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