Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 24, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


W(ILLA) CATHER, SHADOWS ON THE ROCK — Sometimes a neighbor whom we have disliked... for his arrogance and conceit lets fall a single commonplace remark that shows us another side, another man, really; a man uncertain, and puzzled, and in the dark like ourselves.

Clues and answers

A.Firecracker with a zippy sound effect (hyph.)WHIZBANG
B.Dishonorably dischargeCASHIER
C.Goddess who killed Orion for insulting herARTEMIS
D.Close-fitting garment (2 wds.)TANKTOP
E.Cannon capable of firing shells at a high angleHOWITZER
F."Star Search" host from 1983 to 1995 (2 wds.)EDMCMAHON
G.Easter Island, to its inhabitants (2 wds.)RAPANUI
H.Gambling card game; junior-size dressesSEVENS
I.Eggs, slangily (2 wds.)HENFRUIT
J.Personal secretaryAMANUENSIS
K."Otello" role for Kiri Te KanawaDESDEMONA
L.Tenderfoot's opposite (2 wds.)OLDHAND
M.Former appellation for tungstenWOLFRAM
N.Tobacco product named for a wagon-making townSTOGIE
O."Opportunity ... is dressed in ___ and looks like work" (Thomas Edison)OVERALLS
P.1991 Cronenberg film based on a William S. Burroughs novel (2 wds.)NAKEDLUNCH
Q.1962 #1 instrumental hit by the TornadoesTELSTAR
R.Icon associated with Joseph of Arimathea (2 wds.)HOLYGRAIL
S.Bangkok's Temple of the ___ BuddhaEMERALD
T.Make a heap of trouble (2 wds.)RAISECAIN
U.Next up (2 wds.)ONDECK
V.Lizard with a long, sticky tongue for catching preyCHAMELEON
W.Hungarian-born author of "The Sleepwalkers"KOESTLER
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