Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 21, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID ARSCOTT, THE OLYMPICS — That first Olympic marathon... caught the public's imagination to a startling degree — especially in Greece itself. ... [I]ncentives included clothing, wine, a vast amount of chocolate... and free haircuts for life at a local barber's.

Clues and answers

A.Specialty of some runnersDISTANCE
B.Like ostriches and okapisAFRICAN
C.Total reversal of stance (hyph.)VOLTEFACE
D.Title character of two plays by EuripidesIPHIGENIA
E.Reason for a loss; ruinationDOWNFALL
F.Walking, getting about on footAMBULANT
G.Tiger/dragon go-between in the Chinese zodiacRABBIT
H.A.T.M. usage fee or luxury tax, e.g.SURCHARGE
I.Triple Crown winner of 1948CITATION
J.Away from the intended route (2 wds.)OFFCOURSE
K.Important skill for a batter or comedianTIMING
L.Contrived sentimentalityTREACLE
M.Track star who was once voted the greatest athlete of the 20th centuryTHORPE
N.Very significant; for the agesHISTORIC
O.Everlasting; timelessETERNAL
P.Cross the line beforeOUTRACE
Q.Chaplin film in which Buster Keaton appearsLIMELIGHT
R.Surrealist born in Paris (2 wds.)YVESTANGUY
S.Disney villain portrayed by Angelina JolieMALEFICENT
T.Base for a trophy or statuePEDESTAL
U.Island home of OdysseusITHACA
V.Given support after a lossCONSOLED
W.Debut product sold by the Wham-O toy companySLINGSHOT
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