Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 21, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


GRETEL EHRLICH, (THE SOLACE OF) OPEN SPACES — Wyoming seems to be the doing of a mad architect, tumbled and twisted, ribboned with faded deathbed colors, thrust up and pulled down as if the place had been startled out of a deep sleep and thrown into a pure light.

Clues and answers

A.Parent-to-child contributionGENE
B.Flip side of the 1966 Beatles hit "Paperback Writer"RAIN
C.Stuffed pastries popular in ArgentinaEMPANADAS
D.1937 fantasy book subtitled "There and Back Again" (2 wds.)THEHOBBIT
E.Lodged, as a bug in amberEMBEDDED
F.Made on a shoestring (hyph.)LOWBUDGET
G.Developer of the Lincoln Continental (2 wds.)EDSELFORD
H.One with sex appeal or high aptitude (2 wds.)HOTSTUFF
I.Annual award for romance fictionRITA
J.Of doubtful sincerity, as a compliment (hyph.)LEFTHANDED
K.Proof that you're who you say you are (2 wds.)IDCARD
L.Italian for "sung"CANTATA
M.Haughty, disdainful (hyph.)HIGHHAT
N.Africa, Asia and particularly Europe (2 wds.)OLDWORLD
O.Go bar-hopping (hyph.)PUBCRAWL
P.One after the other (hyph.)ENDTOEND
Q.Baritone starring in the film "Naughty Marietta," 1935 (2 wds.)NELSONEDDY
R.Attire for fort-building?SNOWSUIT
S.Fizzle; lose pep; end weakly (2 wds.)PETEROUT
T.Opportunity for a swinger (2 wds.)ATBAT
U.Jalapeno pepper used in Southwest cookingCHIPOTLE
V.Hyracotherium a k a the dawn horseEOHIPPUS
W.Contest at a pool (2 wds.)SWIMMEET
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