Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 19, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(CHARLES) DICKENS, AMERICAN NOTES — What words shall describe the Mississippi,... an enormous ditch, sometimes... three miles wide, running liquid mud,... its frothy current choked everywhere by huge logs and whole forest trees... rolling past like monstrous bodies.

Clues and answers

A.Madness, from the Latin for "being out of one's furrow"DELIRIUM
B.White Queen to Alice: "I've believed as many as six __ things before breakfast"IMPOSSIBLE
C.Gladden (2 wds.)CHEERUP
D.High link between Kabul and Peshawar (2 wds.)KHYBERPASS
E.Author of the 2005 novel "The March" (2 wds.)ELDOCTOROW
F."Bare" things in a song from "The Jungle Book"NECESSITIES
G.Fictional Queen of the JungleSHEENA
H.Colt .45s, after moving indoorsASTROS
I.Caped hero from the Terrytoons studio (2 wds.)MIGHTYMOUSE
J.Shotgun toter from Looney Tunes (2 wds.)ELMERFUDD
K.U.S. state capital named for a courtierRALEIGH
M.Kirsch sourceCHERRIES
N.Fine, copacetic (2 wds.)ALLRIGHT
O.Clean-air advocates?NONSMOKERS
P.Airline with a hub in Minneapolis/St. PaulNORTHWEST
Q.Novel begun serially in 1837 (2 wds.)OLIVERTWIST
R. Indicator of a pan (hyph.)THUMBSDOWN
S. Subject of a 1980s Broadway mystery musical in which the ending was decided by audience vote (2 wds.)EDWINDROOD
T.Afflicted with strabismus (hyph.)SQUINTEYED
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