Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 17, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(EDWARD) HOAGLAND, (THE) COURAGE OF TURTLES — They can stretch out their necks like a giraffe, or loom underwater like an apocryphal hippo. ... They have a penguin's alertness combined with a build like a brontosaurus. ... They hunch and ponderously lunge like a grizzly.

Clues and answers

A.Endangered sea creature that is the primary source for tortoiseshellHAWKSBILL
B.Hitting a gnat with a sledgehammer, sayOVERKILL
C.State often induced on-screen by the Marx BrothersANARCHY
D.World's largest burrowing clamGEODUCK
E.Skink, gecko or Komodo dragonLIZARD
F.Friend to Patroclus in Homer's "Iliad"ACHILLES
G.What Cordelia offers King Lear in Act INOTHING
H.Specifications of a job or officeDUTIES
I.Like the animal described in this puzzle's quoteCHELONIAN
J.Location of a hazardous hole (2 wds.)OZONELAYER
K.Available to be seized and claimed (3 wds.)UPFORGRABS
L.Plan for where you're going (2 wds.)ROADMAP
M.Structure often borne on a stalkANTHER
N.Small pickleGHERKIN
O.This may be raised upon hearing a lieEYEBROW
P.How building inspections take place (hyph.)ONSITE
Q.Purplish red flower loved by hummingbirdsFUCHSIA
R.Keeper of a penTURNKEY
S.Like a family in the first sentence of "Anna Karenina"UNHAPPY
T.Kind of beast whose name comes from Latin "to crawl"REPTILE
U.Levy leaving you 90%TITHE
V.Outfit for a new arrivalLAYETTE
W.Raised to a higher degree, magnifiedENHANCED
X.Far from cheap; far from skimpySUMPTUOUS
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