Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 17, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LINDA GREENLAW, (THE) HUNGRY OCEAN — Fishermen are superstitious. ... Pork [is] taboo, as [is] merely speaking the word "pig"... . [Setting sail] on a Friday is absolutely forbidden. ... Whistling aboard a boat is a real no-no. ... The number 13 is always pronounced "twelve plus one."

Clues and answers

A.Affected in speech or manners; pretentiously refined (hyph.)LADIDA
B."Immature poets ___; mature poets steal" (T. S. Eliot)IMITATE
C.Did a lot less than gorgeNIBBLED
D.Colloquially, a claim to something desiredDIBS
E.What Germany and Meg Ryan are mutuallyANAGRAMS
F.Kind of writer who remains anonymousGHOST
G.Cub among Cubs?ROOKIE
H.Trusted Roman officer in "Antony and Cleopatra"ENOBARBUS
I."The language of spies," according to StalinESPERANTO
J.Deserving of disseminationNEWSWORTHY
K.Lazy ... as an unprepared shopper?LISTLESS
L.Sequel to a sequel starring Sigourney Weaver (2 wds.)ALIEN
M.Tombstone figure (2 wds.)WYATTEARP
N.Pop singer with a cameo in "Back to the Future" (2 wds.)HUEYLEWIS
O.Fully and properly informed (3 wds.)UPTOSPEED
P.Home base of a storied deliveryman (2 wds.)NORTHPOLE
Q."How puzzling is that?!" (2 wds.)GOFIGURE
R."The Fountainhead" authorRAND
S.Principal character in "Catch-22"YOSSARIAN
T.An unstructured way of learningOSMOSIS
U.Jewelry to go with a tie tack, perhapsCUFFLINKS
V.Approach 50-50 (2 wds.)EVENOUT
W.Time for tricks (2 wds.)APRIL
X.City served by the Jomo Kenyatta International AirportNAIROBI
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