Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 16, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MEG OLMERT, MADE FOR EACH OTHER — Pliny... the Roman natural historian, tells us that his countrymen were charmed by friendly dolphins. These animals came when called, ate from human hands, and by several accounts allowed young boys to ride on their backs.

Clues and answers

B.International agreement to work together cooperativelyENTENTE
C.Surface lusters; marginal notesGLOSSES
D.One at home for a Winterlude festivalOTTAWAN
E.Imprudent source of funding (2 wds.)LOANSHARK
F.Potentially disastrous phenomenon common around volcanoesMUDFLOW
G.So momentous as to herald a new ageEPOCHAL
H.Boat with four oars and three rowersRANDAN
I.Certain roofingTHATCH
J.Sentimentality; command to dogsMUSH
K.Writer espousing what she called Objectivism (2 wds.)AYNRAND
L.Old Irish song that ends "I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me" (2 wds.)DANNYBOY
M.Mutual antagonismENMITY
N.1993 film set partly in an aquarium (2 wds.)FREEWILLY
O.Where Eli Manning was a Rebel (2 wds.)OLEMISS
P.Diamond or lozengeRHOMBUS
Q.Nonpreferential choiceEITHER
R.Strawberry seeds, for exampleACHENES
S.Settled, as a dealCLINCHED
T.Home of Hals, Vermeer and SteenHOLLAND
U.None too brightOBTUSE
V.What bellwethers indicateTRENDS
W.Birthplace of baseball's Jose Canseco or marathoner Alberto SalazarHAVANA
X.First breakfaster? (2 wds.)EARLYBIRD
Y.Collaborative exchange, give-and-takeRECIPROCITY
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