Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 15, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ALISON) BECHDEL, (THE SECRET TO) SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH — I was born... in the primordial darkness just before the dawn of the exercise epoch.... There was no T-ball, no soccer, no aquatics....There was no working out, no going for the burn, no digging deep, nor any shredding of the gnar.

Clues and answers

A.Brand name in home gymsBOWFLEX
B.One doing some fencing?EPEEIST
C.Reason for many a breakCOFFEE
D.Sport whose variants include bandyHOCKEY
E.Straight; plain-spokenDIRECT
F.Column on a baseball scoreboardERRORS
G.Doing some light chores?LASING
H.Apparel donned for warming upSWEATER
I.One-piece garment for an acrobat, sayUNITARD
J.Recovers from a sprint, in a wayPANTS
K.Neurochemicals behind a "runner's high"ENDORPHINS
L.Legendary figure with a quiver (2 wds.)ROBINHOOD
M.Pal around; schmoozeHOBNOB
N.Kind of grip in weightlifting or a throw in softballUNDERHAND
O.Game with winds and dragons (hyph.)MAHJONGG
P.What's taken by decisive peopleACTION
Q.Composer of TV's "Batman" theme (2 wds.)NEALHEFTI
R.Having a thick, short buildSQUAT
S.Essential point of an argumentTHRUST
T.Competition requiring good bladesROWING
U.The opposite of dissuading (2 wds.)EGGINGON
V.Close, as a margin of victoryNARROW
W.Places for putting ballsGREENS
X.Pursuit whose users certainly get their kicks (3 wds.)TAEKWONDO
Y.Daring doings; Herculean effortsHEROICS
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