Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 15, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(KARAL ANN) MARLING, THE COLOSSUS OF ROADS — [E]arly... long-distance driving was a nightmare of missed turns, frantic hunts for landmarks, and quarrels over whether the signpost at the last crossroads, bristling with hand-lettered... arrows, had... been rotated by pranksters.

Clues and answers

A.Roald Dahl novel made into a 1996 movieMATILDA
B.Prominent jackalope featureANTLERS
C.Area around the Arc de Triomphe (2 wds.)RIGHTBANK
D.Sad last song on the "Evita" soundtrackLAMENT
E.Lake Wobegon's Lutheran pastorINGQVIST
F.What U.S. highways lacked before the 1920sNUMBERS
G.First word in the names of two of the top 15 Fortune 500 companiesGENERAL
H.Put the brakes on, as a plan; stymiedTHWARTED
I.Workers' group so called for their attireHARDHATS
J.Like Lewis and Clark's return travelsEASTWARD
K.Site of a famous Minute Man statueCONCORD
L.Quick to notice; law-abidingOBSERVANT
M.Keys to map interpretationLEGENDS
N.Story-writing award eponym (2 wds.)OHENRY
O.Trophy for a big-game anglerSWORDFISH
P.Downtime in la tardeSIESTA
Q.Straighten out, in a wayUNTWIST
R.Common trip mementoSNAPSHOT
S.Cantankerous; stubborn as a muleORNERY
T.Saloon on a Hollywood set, often (2 wds.)FALSEFRONT
U.Tool employed in some trapsRADAR
V.Part of town that's not so bustlingOUTSKIRTS
W.Robin Hood or Cupid, e.g.ARCHER
X.Give or get pleasureDELIGHT
Y.Ben's Alfa Romeo in "The Graduate"SPIDER
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