Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 14, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PATRICIA O'CONNER, WOE IS I -- Nature is a fertile field... for clich├ęs. Besides blankets of snow, beware sheets of rain..., calms before the storm,... raging torrents, bolts from the blue,... uncharted seas..., wide-open spaces,... and anything silhouetted against the sky.

Full quote

Nature is a fertile field (there's another one) for clichés. Besides blankets of snow, beware sheets of rain (which of course rain cats and dogs), calms before the storm, devastating earthquakes, raging torrents, bolts from the blue, steaming jungles, uncharted seas (which are likely to become watery graves), wide-open spaces, places in the sun, and anything silhouetted against the sky.

Clues and answers

A.Expression that's hard to read (2 wds.)POKERFACE
B.Something heavy to have around the neckALBATROSS
C.Pincher of penniesTIGHTWAD
D.Be put at ease; have no apprehensions (2 wds.)RESTASSURED
E.Questionable path to blissIGNORANCE
F.Eleventh-hour misgivings (2 wds.)COLDFEET
G.Despotic control (2 wds.)IRONFIST
H.Wild or reckless spontaneityABANDON
I.Dissolute and destitute (3 wds.)ONSKIDROW
J.Unbroken career of good luck (2 wds.)CHARMEDLIFE
K.Clueless; away from the office around noon, say (3 wds.)OUTTOLUNCH
L.Timid, meek or ineffectual, from YiddishNEBBISHY
M.What counts to some gradersNEATNESS
N.Canines the desirous would give?EYETEETH
O.What's sometimes beaten by an armyRETREAT
P."Uncle" in standard form? (2 wds.)WHITEFLAG
Q.Not accurate; unawares (2 wds.)OFFBASE
R.Remnants often described as dyingEMBERS
T.Completely blindSIGHTLESS
U."To summarize ..." (3 wds.)INANUTSHELL
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