Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 14, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LYNN MARGULIS, MICROCOSMOS — Animals... that... adapted to... land did so through the trick of taking their former environment with them. ...No matter how high and dry the mountain top, no matter how secluded and modern the retreat, we sweat and cry... seawater.

Clues and answers

A."___ is an instant vacation" (Milton Berle) LAUGHTER
B.One who knows his jib from his spinnakerYACHTSMAN
C.Time for Papa NoelNAVIDAD
D.Person regarded as a cipherNONENTITY
E.Metaphorically, our source and sustenance (2 wds.)MOTHEREARTH
F.Goddess said to be born of ocean foamAPHRODITE
G.Site of colossal quake damage in 226 B.C.RHODES
H.In the shape of a dropletGUTTATE
I.Trend contrary to the prevailing oneUNDERTOW
J.Jonathan ___, author of "Gun, With Occasional Music"LETHEM
K.Police tool in drawing facial composites (hyph.)IDENTIKIT
L.Kind of theater open only in the summerSTRAWHAT
M.Successor of Giscard d'EstaingMITTERRAND
N.Experienced violent compressionIMPLODED
O.Beveled cut connecting two surfacesCHAMFER
P.In a new draftREWRITTEN
R.Be out of accord with HoyleCHEAT
S.Spangle, baubleORNAMENT
T.Actor William who said "No, I've never had green alien sex"SHATNER
U.Style sported by some punksMOHAWK
V.When regulars drop byOFTEN
W.Climactic moment in a poker gameSHOWDOWN
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