Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 13, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(WILLIAM) LEAST HEAT-MOON, RIVER HORSE — I have an old highway atlas... the pages so soft from a thousand thumbings they whisper as I turn them. Put your finger... anyplace in this United States atlas, and I've either been there or within twenty-five miles of it.

Clues and answers

A.Record-breaking voyager whose best seller was "We"LINDBERGH
B.Stream going out of a lake or reservoirEFFLUENT
C.Craft whose salient feature is its lightnessAIRSHIP
D.Vagrant or traveling laborer Down UnderSWAGMAN
E.Region whose Mandarin name is XizangTIBET
F.Adventurer and author of "The Ra Expeditions"HEYERDAHL
G."Eric the Red," or "Sinbad the Sailor"EPITHET
H.Place to find a traveler's trunkATTIC
I.Peril for sailors in the South China SeaTYPHOON
J.Explorer of the Himalayas who penned "Snow Leopard"MATTHIESSEN
K.Largest tributary of the St. LawrenceOTTAWA
L.Remote, not heavily traveled (hyph.)OUTOFTHEWAY
M.Very dark, purplish blueNAVY
N.Item often blackened in Cajun cuisineREDFISH
O.Journeying, as on a circuitITINERANT
P.Its blast killed Pliny the ElderVESUVIUS
Q.Transport for a driver in a howdahELEPHANT
R.Twain's 1872 account of his vagabonding (2 wds.)ROUGHINGIT
S.Mercenary hired by England in the American RevolutionHESSIAN
T.1957 "beat" novel of a hitchhiking trip (3 wds.)ONTHEROAD
U.Ruler with a mortuary temple at ThebesRAMSES
V.Author of "A Tale of a Tub"SWIFT
W.Last stop for the virtuous, in Greek mythELYSIUM
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