Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 12, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(TONY) PERROTTET, THE NAKED OLYMPICS — [T]he rowdy throngs... flung their bedding wherever they could,... sprawling like refugees across the surrounding countryside. ... [W]ith its lack of basic sanitation or facilities, the Olympic festival was the Woodstock of antiquity.

Clues and answers

A.Size, shape and proportionsPHYSIQUE
B.Important figure in geometryEUCLID
C.Open showily again after a quiescent periodREFLOWER
D.Winner of horse racing's Triple Tiara in 1975RUFFIAN
E.Heavily favored competitorOVERDOG
F.Quite a crowdTHOUSANDS
G.Trendy fad based on an act of devotionTEBOWING
H.Number after the last numberENCORE
I.Misled; cast aside; emitted (2 wds.)THREWOFF
J.Post-prime part of a careerTWILIGHT
K.Lover of Apollo killed trying to catch a discusHYACINTH
L.Rowing event; key pool ballsEIGHTS
M.Apprise, tell, informNOTIFY
N.Rituals usually involving waterABLUTIONS
O.Mug, pussKISSER
P.H. L. Mencken coinage for a stripperECDYSIAST
Q.NBC newsmagazine since 1992DATELINE
R.Best in industryOUTWORK
S."If the world were a ___ place, men would ride side-saddle" (Rita Mae Brown)LOGICAL
T.Standard for comparisonYARDSTICK
U.Collect some hardwareMEDAL
V.Superior skill, exceptional abilityPROWESS
W.Poem inspiring South Africa's 1995 World Cup rugby team, in filmINVICTUS
X.Something raced in a hippodromeCHARIOT
Y.Herculean attributeSTRENGTH
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