Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 12, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PETER MATTHIESSEN, SAND RIVERS — The wildebeest has a goat's beard and a lion's mane and a slanty back like a hyena; the head is too big and the tail too long... Africans say [it is] a collection of... parts... left over after God... finished up all other creatures.

Clues and answers

A.One who might beat you with a stick (2 wds.)POOLSHARK
B.Monstrous mother of Cerberus and the SphinxECHIDNA
C.Hybrid in the cat familyTIGLON
D.Suffer humiliation, in a way (2 wds.)EATCROW
E.Like a certain North American grouseRUFFED
F.Man-headed, dragon-tailed beast of legendMANTICORE
G.Site of busy industryANTHILL
H.Product of some caterpillarsTENT
I.Canary or ratTATTLETALE
J.Setting that may be simulated in a zooHABITAT
K.Representation of the Egyptian god ThothIBIS
L.Shedding of the outer skin, as by snakesECDYSIS
M.Home of the addax and horned viperSAHARA
N.Youngster in a penSHOAT
O.Capable of keen discernment (hyph.)EAGLEEYED
P.Writer of "He who attempts to tease the cobra / Is sooner a sadder he, and sobra"NASH
Q.Boss of some members of the genus RangiferSANTA
R.Schnauzer in a Hammett novelASTA
S.Source of a course for a horse (2 wds.)NOSEBAG
T.Character with a Blanc expression? (2 wds.)DAFFYDUCK
U.Zebras, in some fieldsREFEREES
V.Its bird is the cardinalINDIANA
W.Meadow rodentVOLE
X.Author of "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats"ELIOT
Y.Nuisance on the highway (2 wds.)ROADHOG
Z.Broad-beaked bird living in swampsSPOONBILL
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