Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 11, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ROBIN) HENIG, THE MONK IN THE GARDEN — Mendel had not always worked with peas; at first he had tried breeding mice. But... the local bishop... seemed to find it inappropriate... for a priest who had taken vows of chastity... to be encouraging and watching rodent sex.

Clues and answers

A.Short race in fictionHOBBITS
B.Visitor of castles in the airESCAPIST
C.Small boy, in BritainNIPPER
D.Like some of the things that make you youINHERITED
E.In the style of "Dracula"GOTHIC
F.Position played by Mike Ditka (2 wds.)TIGHTEND
G.Surname in a 1582 marriageHATHAWAY
H.Eponym of the Dodgers' field in BrooklynEBBETS
I.Means of moving quietly in the woodsMOCCASINS
J.Worship of snakesOPHIOLATRY
K.Worms good for controlling lawn grubsNEMATODES
L.Foofaraw, hoo-ha, hurly-burlyKERFUFFLE
M."O.K., let's shake" (3 wds.)ITSADEAL
N.Not at all far from home (2 wds.)NEXTDOOR
O.Supplement or bonus, as to a purchase (hyph.)THROWIN
P.Mountain or hill; N.B.A. player statHEIGHT
Q.Eurus, in Greek mythology (2 wds.)EASTWIND
R.Cussedly bad (hyph.)GODAWFUL
S.Come clean aboutADMIT
T.One in charge of a parishRECTOR
U.Reduce in number, as troops (2 wds.)DRAWDOWN
V.1996 movie role for Madonna (2 wds.)EVAPERON
W.Human, per a zoologist's 1967 book (2 wds.)NAKEDAPE
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