Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 11, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


A LITTLE BOOK OF YANKEE HUMOR — "I don't know about your farm in Maine, mister, but I have a ranch in Texas and it takes me five days to drive around my entire spread," says the Texan. The Maine farmer replies, "Oh yes, I have a car just like that myself."

Clues and answers

A.Ferocious marcher in a column (2 wds.)ARMYANT
B."___ is the mother of Philosophy" (Thomas Hobbes)LEISURE
C.Cold dessert (2 wds.)ICEMILK
D.Whom Ariadne gave a clueTHESEUS
E.Deficient in moistureTHIRSTY
F.English Channel port (2 wds.)LEHAVRE
G.No threat, in baseball (2 wds.)EASYOUT
H.Involving two of 50, perhapsBISTATE
I.Anthem with music by Calixa Lavallee (2 wds.)OCANADA
J.Cultivated cherry with sweet juicy fruitOXHEART
L.Opposite of bottled (2 wds.)ONDRAFT
M.In the mood for merrymakingFESTIVE
N.1961 Kurosawa film about a samuraiYOJIMBO
O.Receiver of electromagnetic wavesANTENNA
P.Bringer of inevitable defeat or frustrationNEMESIS
Q.Organization whose name comes from Otchipew for "We have a good time"KIWANIS
R.As plain as the nose on your faceEVIDENT
S.In the interest of one side only (2 wds.)EXPARTE
T.Blue-collar worker, of a sort (2 wds.)HARDHAT
U.Had a job close to homeUMPIRED
V.Masked and costumed celebratingMUMMERY
W.Season not worth remembering (2 wds.)OFFYEAR
X.Bright with hope or happinessRADIANT
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