Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 10, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


RAY BRADBURY, YESTERMORROW — Cats come at dawn to sit on your bed. They may not nip your nose or inhale your breath or make a sound. They simply sit... until you open one eyelid and spy them... about to drop dead for need of feeding. So it is with ideas.

Clues and answers

A.The Pantheon in Rome has oneROTUNDA
B.Stone worn by ancient Greeks to ward off drunkennessAMETHYST
C.Player of a stringed instrument named "Petunia" (2 wds., hyph.)YOYOMA
D.Prized catch off the BahamasBONEFISH
E.Delivery by a bounty hunter, e.g.RENDITION
F.Pain-relieving preparationANODYNE
G.Shaken or forsakenDITCHED
H.Cox's contest (2 wds.)BOATRACE
I.Conveyed with no words, tacitUNSPOKEN
J.Trace of interest in forensicsRESIDUE
K.Practice touted for stress reliefYOGA
L.Marked by change; full of vitalityYEASTY
M.Like many a debut album's titleEPONYMOUS
N.Gear for a high-rise window washer (2 wds.)SAFETYBELT
O.Alarm-inducing plungeTAILSPIN
P.Pleasing effect on the earEUPHONY
Q.Wine with a piney flavorRETSINA
R.Miners' jackpot (2 wds.)MOTHERLODE
S.Beat in a home run derbyOUTHIT
T.Specimen in California's Mariposa GroveREDWOOD
U.Frequent cause for lifeguard rescuesRIPTIDE
V.Execrable, loathsomeODIOUS
W.Hirsute penny dreadful villainWOLFMAN
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