Acrostic Solution for Sunday, August 1, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(KENNETH) CATANIA, GREAT ADAPTATIONS — It has strange teeth and clawed shovels for hands. But the real mystery... is that nose. If one day you... cross paths with a star-nosed mole, don't feel self-conscious, everybody stares, and the mole can't see, so no harm done.

Clues and answers

A.Dark and deep; belonging to the underworldCHTHONIC
B.Study of tissues, bones and suchANATOMY
C.Engaged in eye-rolling or subtle digs (2 wds.)THREWSHADE
D.Flabbergast, boggle, bowl overASTOUND
E.Snacks on some tidbitsNOSHES
F."The Dead Sea that swallows all virtues," per Benjamin FranklinIDLENESS
G.Fish that may be a pizza toppingANCHOVY
H.Take measures to prepare (2 wds.)GETREADY
I.Set aside for later; caution in one's words or actionsRESERVE
J.Warm-blooded creatureENDOTHERM
K.Smitten with shame, red-facedABASHED
L.Sharp growths helpful for burrowingTALONS
M.Piece together; collect; meetASSEMBLE
N.Pea-brained, far from shrewdDOLTISH
O.Expert with a commanding graspAUTHORITY
P.Imaginary, made-up, shamPRETEND
Q.Produce quickly and with little effort (2 wds.)TOSSOFF
R.Striped African termite eaterAARDWOLF
S.Appendages not usually found on mammalsTENTACLES
T.Debatable subject; childrenISSUE
U.Pertaining to the sense of smellOLFACTORY
V.Agents of ruinationNEMESES
W.Hoity-toity, la-di-daSNOOTY
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