Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 9, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BERYL) MARKHAM, WEST WITH THE NIGHT - I know animals more gallant than the... warthog, but none more courageous. ... [H]e will fight anything of any size that intrudes upon his smug existence. ... What he does not understand, he suspects, and what he suspects, he fights.

Clues and answers

A.David and Goliath, e.g.MISMATCH
B.On the loose; covering all districts (2 wds.)ATLARGE
C.Not a very sociable sortRECLUSE
D.Like a soccer player's socks (hyph.)KNEEHIGH
E.Frangelico flavoringHAZELNUT
F.Large merchant vesselARGOSY
G.Toledo, Ohio, Triple-A team with an avian name (2 wds.)MUDHENS
H.River from Lake No to Khartoum (2 wds.)WHITENILE
I.Incidentally, by the way (2 wds.)ENPASSANT
J.Mythical beast whose name means "strangler"SPHINX
K.Disgusted; extinguished; diverged (2 wds.)TURNEDOFF
L.Football formation with three running backsWISHBONE
M.Deceptive or false goal (2 wds.)IGNISFATUUS
N.Attribute of the indomitableTENACITY
O.Daredevil on a surfboard (2 wds.)HOTDOG
P.Service station on wheels? (2 wds.)TEACART
Q.Under wraps, clandestine (hyph.)HUSHHUSH
R.Vast game park in NamibiaETOSHA
S.Title setting for a 1939 film starring Charles Laughton (2 wds.)NOTREDAME
T."Hunger is ___, and will be fed" (Homer)INSOLENT
U.Gimcrack, whatnot, baubleGEWGAW
V.Go in pursuit of (2 wds.)HUNTDOWN
W.Perpetually pie-eyed imbiberTOSSPOT
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