Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 8, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(AGNES) REPPLIER, TIMES AND TENDENCIES — The pleasure of possession, whether we possess trinkets, or offspring — or... books, or prints, or chessmen, or postage stamps — lies in showing these things to friends who are experiencing no immediate urge to look at them.

Clues and answers

A.Gems used in lasers of a certain hueRUBIES
B.Park in SW England with dramatic sea cliffsEXMOOR
C.Alternative to cash or checkPLASTIC
D.Chaplinesque qualityPATHOS
E.Give in to pessimism (2 wds.)LOSEHOPE
F.Hold a candle to?IGNITE
G.Name of two brothers in the Hockey Hall of FameESPOSITO
H.Shape into a new versionREWORK
I.Garb for the Merry MenTIGHTS
J.Emanate, come out (2 wds.)ISSUEFORTH
K.Sen. Harry Reid or Sen. Orrin Hatch, e.g.MORMON
L.Way out; departureEGRESS
M.Cocktail of brandy and creme de mentheSTINGER
N.From the topAFRESH
O.James River city known for its shipyards (2 wds.)NEWPORTNEWS
P.Parts explored by bathysphereDEPTHS
Q.Develop as a habit; go for (2 wds.)TAKETO
R.Inhabitant of the circumpolar regionESKIMO
S.Between-meals gastronomic activityNOSHING
T.Qualifier for a queen or empressDOWAGER
U.Notable family name in screenwritingEPHRON
V.Curiosity, when taken too farNOSINESS
W.Tool for a shyster?CHISEL
X.Place for an archINSTEP
Y.Application of force against inertia, in physicsEFFORT
Z.Tourist town on the Italian Riviera (2 wds.)SANREMO
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