Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 5, 2020

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HILARY LEICHTER, TEMPORARY — My temp agency is an uptown pleasure dome of powder-scented women... . I place my employment in their manicured hands. With trusty carpal alchemy they knead my resume into a series of paychecks that constitute a life.

Clues and answers

A.Singer of the 1982 hit "Workin' for a Livin'" (2 wds.)HUEYLEWIS
B.Job attending to travelersINNKEEPER
C.Stand for one reading aloudLECTERN
E.Depiction of a land's ups and downs (2 wds.)RELIEFMAP
F.Peruvian singer famed for her extraordinary vocal range (2 wds.)YMASUMAC
G.Fall behind in a race or project (2 wds.)LOSETIME
H.Hard to extract without a keyENCODED
I.Boost, spark, spurIMPETUS
J.Problem for those who are strapped (2 wds.)CASHFLOW
K.Route 66, for exampleHIGHWAY
L.Whom to know, per a Delphic maximTHYSELF
M.Marking that might appear on a butterfly or peacockEYESPOT
N.Causes to move (usually up) incrementallyRATCHETS
O.Monster bested by Zeus and buried under Mount EtnaTYPHON
P.Native to a particular region or peopleENDEMIC
Q.1975 song that lent its name to a hit musical and two films (2 wds.)MAMMAMIA
R.Remarks meant to belittle (hyph.)PUTDOWNS
S.Pariah, persona non grataOUTCAST
T.Back-to-the-land movement?REENTRY
U."An inevitable occurrence due to the action of immutable natural laws," per Ambrose BierceACCIDENT
V.Source of walking sticks and wickerworkRATTAN
W.Holiday observed with fasting and prayer (2 wds.)YOMKIPPUR
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