Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 4, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(KINSHASHA) CONWILL, DREAM A WORLD ANEW — [T]he British promise of liberty caused widespread slave escapes across the South when... war moved to the region... . Jefferson estimated that thirty thousand slaves had run away in Virginia alone, including many of his own.

Clues and answers

A.Equipment used in log productionCHAINSAW
B.Control; simple mistakeOVERSIGHT
C.Worthy of attention, or, as two words, reason for not getting a restaurant reservation?NOTABLE
D.Milestone or turning pointWATERSHED
E.Showing little emotion, coolIMPASSIVE
F.Pre-GPS wayfinding aidLODESTAR
G.Dazzling display for observers in the dark (2 wds.)LIGHTSHOW
H.Involuntary service providerDRAFTEE
I.Old Dominion capitalRICHMOND
J.Greek goddess of joy and mirthEUPHROSYNE
K.Suffering, in terrible distressANGUISHED
L.Bull-headed characterMINOTAUR
M.Library of Congress collectionARCHIVES
N.Line to be signed on a willWITNESS
O.Make something out of?OBJECTIFY
P.Backer of King George against the rebellious coloniesROYALIST
Q.Refuge from a sinking ship (2 wds.)LIFERAFT
R.Went in a hurry; flung with forceDASHED
S.Guarantee of freedom from prosecutionAMNESTY
T.1940 best-selling novel by Richard Wright (2 wds.)NATIVESON
U.Continental, but not AmericanEUROPEAN
V.Suspenseful genreWHODUNIT
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