Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 4, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(AZADEH) MOAVENI, HONEYMOON IN TEHRAN — Religious authorities... during the revolution... dealt harshly with... music. They... declared classical musical instruments, as well as a woman's singing voice, to be forbidden.... Museum-quality instruments were burned in bonfires.

Clues and answers

A.Plot with evil intentMACHINATE
B.Area of production that's well-supplied (2 wds.)OILFIELD
C."Sign of God," in ArabicAYATOLLAH
D.Of a prudish and restrictive social mindsetVICTORIAN
E.One way to introduce a wordEDGEWISE
F.Collection with nothing in it (2 wds.)NULLSET
G.Strength training done without movingISOMETRICS
H.Car engine capacity, in slangHORSES
I.Of little or no prominenceOBSCURE
J.Inuit territory made official in 1999NUNAVUT
K."War of the Worlds" sideEARTHLINGS
L.1960s band with Beck, Clapton and PageYARDBIRDS
M."The fairies' ___" (Queen Mab, in "Romeo and Juliet")MIDWIFE
N.Public disturbance; surge of activityOUTBURST
O.Oxymoronic term for a stale tidbit (2 wds.)OLDNEWS
P.Amount that's too muchNIMIETY
Q.People from Tikrit or KirkukIRAQIS
R.DNA storage centerNUCLEUS
S."Amadeus" star, 1984 (2 wds.)TOMHULCE
T.Get all convolutedENTWINE
U.Making the fans come out?HUMID
V.Matter of stress to TV executivesRATINGS
W.Donator of eyes to the peacock's tailARGUS
X.Incapable of being talliedNUMBERLESS
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