Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 3, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ROBIN WALL) KIMMERER, BRAIDING SWEETGRASS--If a fountain could jet bouquets of chrome yellow in dazzling arches of chrysanthemum fireworks, that would be Canada Goldenrod. Each three-foot stem is a geyser of... gold daisies, ladylike in miniature, exuberant en masse.

Clues and answers

A.Report of an explosive event?KABOOM
B.Rabble-rouser, provocateurINCENDIARY
C.Calendered fabric with a wavy lusterMOIRE
D.Outdoor retailer whose motto is "Love the Madness"MOOSEJAW
E.Place of eternal spring, to VirgilELYSIUM
F.Food source for urban locavores (2 wds.)ROOFGARDEN
G.Panache, sparkle, brio, flairECLAT
H.Edible part of turmeric or ginger, in botanyRHIZOME
I.Get more vibrant or luminousBRIGHTEN
J.Splashy display, as of colorRIOT
K.Perennial also called bear's breechesACANTHUS
L.Pioneering format used for the 1970 film "Tiger Child"IMAX
M.First-rate, marvelous, splendidDANDY
N.Defying descriptionINEFFABLE
O.Props for novice swimmersNOODLES
P.Conspirator who tried to blow up Parliament in 1605 (2 wds.)GUYFAWKES
Q.Dispense by squeezing, as from a mustard bottleSQUIRT
R.Tree supplying branches for dowsers (2 wds.)WITCHHAZEL
S.Talk excitedly, gush with praiseEFFUSE
T.Epoch when roses first aroseEOCENE
U.Plant in the tongue twister "Theophilus, the successful ___ sifter"THISTLE
V.Flowery accessoryGARLAND
W.Oglala Sioux leader in the 1800s (2 wds.)REDCLOUD
X.Up in the air, high in the skyALOFT
Y.Protection from some radiationSUNSHADE
Z.Get underway; put on display (2 wds.)SETOUT
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