Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 3, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JUDITH) MARTIN, MISS MANNERS' GUIDE (TO EXCRUCIATINGLY CORRECT BEHAVIOR) — [R]ules for eating outdoors are different from those that apply indoors. For example, it is permissible to execute... wildlife found crawling across the... table... . At picnics, one may kill ants, but not complain of their presence.

Clues and answers

A.1984 debut that included a mouseMACINTOSH
B.Professional who wears a mask to workAPIARIST
C.E. W. Hornung's "gentleman thief" of fictionRAFFLES
D.Common misnomer for a kitchen stapleTINFOIL
E."Where we met" in a 1958 Frank Sinatra song (3 wds.)ISLEOFCAPRI
F.Church bulletin or club reportNEWSLETTER
G.One of a warlike people of ancient Thessaly led by Achilles in the Trojan WarMYRMIDON
I.Kind of grape or watermelonSEEDLESS
J.Squeeze the living daylights out ofSTRANGLE
K.Be wise, sass (2 wds.)MOUTHOFF
L.Moving like a flag in a breezeAFLUTTER
M.Island from which Captain Ahab sailedNANTUCKET
N.Pain in the neck, thorn in the sideNUISANCE
O.Pit of a cherry or stone of a peachENDOCARP
P.Mimosa relative also called a monkeypod (2 wds.)RAINTREE
Q.Person lacking a conscienceSOCIOPATH
R.Talk turkey?GOBBLE
S.What Betsy Ross made for a livingUPHOLSTERY
T.Contrary to proper etiquetteIMPOLITE
U.Some beach debrisDRIFTWOOD
V.Test the watersEXPLORE
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