Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 29, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


NELLIE BLY, AROUND THE WORLD (IN SEVENTY-TWO DAYS) — I found the roads in the same state of perfection in almost all the Eastern ports at which I stopped. I could not decide... whether the smoothness of the road was due to the absence of... New York street commissioners.

Clues and answers

A.Chuck Berry song that repeatedly asks "Honey, is that you?"NADINE
B.Image maker cited in 2012 politics (3 wds.)ETCHASKETCH
C.Logical in a straightforward wayLINEAR
D.Nocturnal display each autumnLEONIDS
E.Forward, as an exhibitionistIMMODEST
F.Repletion's oppositeEMPTINESS
G.Member of London's Yeomen WardersBEEFEATER
H.Some unfinished business (2 wds.)LOOSEENDS
I.Comment from one who's wary ... or polite (2 wds.)YOUFIRST
J.Like drinking tea with your pinkie extended, maybe AFFECTED
K.Item common on coffee tablesREMOTE
L.Kia's counterpart to Hyundai's SonataOPTIMA
M.Lacking social polishUNCOUTH
N.Cramped; prejudicedNARROW
O.Stroke that's facilitated by "soft hands" (2 wds.)DROPSHOT
P.Bulletins of the last decadeTWEETS
Q.Practical joke that can leave one hopping mad?HOTFOOT
R.Gaseous hydrocarbonETHANE
S.Group of prominent people (2 wds.)WHOSWHO
T.Descriptive of a small town (hyph.)ONEHORSE
U.Don't take lying downRESIST
V.Extremely desperate (hyph.)LASTDITCH
W.Speed; offDISPATCH
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