Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 29, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(HILARY) SPURLING: THE UNKNOWN MATISSE — [Matisse] once told the Hollywood... star Edward G. Robinson that the only thing that drove him to paint was the rising urge to strangle someone. "I've always worked like a drunken brute trying to kick the door down," he said.

Clues and answers

A.Dirty rotten scoundrel (hyph.)SOANDSO
B.Something without substancePHANTOM
C.Painter of Paris street scenes (1883-1955)UTRILLO
D.Colonizer of Roanoke IslandRALEIGH
E.Popular fund-raising activityLOTTERY
F.Fashionable, trendy (2 wds.)INSTYLE
G.Remote placeNOWHERE
H.Pioneering rocket scientistGODDARD
I.Did a 1960's dance; grotesqueTWISTED
J.Quick-tempered sortHOTHEAD
K.Contortion of a player attempting telekinesis?ENGLISH
L.European site of a 1713 treatyUTRECHT
M."A beautiful catastrophe," to Le Corbusier (2 wds.)NEWYORK
N.Long-horned grasshopperKATYDID
O.Author of "Pale Fire" and "Ada"NABOKOV
P.Constantly busy (3 wds.)ONTHEGO
Q.Bric-a-brac standWHATNOT
R.Book describing desert wanderingsNUMBERS
S.Glacial deposit of rocks and bouldersMORAINE
T.Lacking grace; unwieldyAWKWARD
U.Things acquired in a parlorTATTOOS
V.Vehemently protest, fulminateINVEIGH
W.Of the pope who reigned from 1471 to 1484SISTINE
X.Passed along the periphery ofSKIRTED
Y."View of Toledo" painter (2 wds.)ELGRECO
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