Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 27, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PATRICIA O'CONNER, WOE IS I — [Y]our spell-checker... doesn't care whether someone's a guerrilla or a gorilla, lives in a desert or a dessert, has a sweet tooth or a suite tooth. ... So don't... hit Replace every time the program tells you to (oar Yule bee sari).

Clues and answers

A.Eighty-six in stages (2 wds.)PHASEOUT
B.Figures ridiculed in "Bleak House"ATTORNEYS
C.Shake a stick atTHREATEN
D.Host of the first intercollegiate football game (1869)RUTGERS
E.One driven by theory more than practicalityIDEOLOGUE
F.Where people seeking relationships might click? (2 wds.)CHATROOM
G.Vexing, apt to get under one's skinIRKSOME
H.Lover of the artsAESTHETE
I.Specification to a breakfast cook (2 wds.)OVEREASY
J.Four-line verse poking fun at a famous personCLERIHEW
K.Originally, the circle where a chorus sang and dancedORCHESTRA
L.Above-the-line figureNUMERATOR
M.Target of a poundingNAILHEAD
N.Common feature of subway stations and multilevel department storesESCALATOR
O.Philosopher who wrote "Why I Am Not a Christian" and "In Praise of Idleness"RUSSELL
P.Epitome of a crushing defeatWATERLOO
Q.The study of correct pronunciationORTHOEPY
R.Villains, baddies, agents of perfidyEVILDOERS
S.Like a signature finger-written on a screen, oftenILLEGIBLE
T.Took the road less traveled bySTRAYED
U.Relatives of a fundamental sortISOTOPES
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