Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 24, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ANDREA WULF, (THE) BROTHER GARDENERS — Plants suffered greatly on sea voyages. Often the boxes and barrels with trees and shrubs were put on the open deck, exposed to... salt water... . [T]hey were... the first freight to be jettisoned during storms or pirate attacks.

Clues and answers

A.Hardship, rigor, tribulationASPERITY
B.Foster business connectionsNETWORK
C.Foe of Jack Sparrow, in film (2 wds.)DAVYJONES
D.Answer, comebackRETORT
E.English king before and after Sweyn ForkbeardETHELRED
F.Michaelmas daisyASTER
G.Typical base of a jug band's bassWASHTUB
H.Seize, as through a coupUSURP
I.Gelatinous dish eaten by ScandinaviansLUTEFISK
J.Ship like the ConstitutionFRIGATE
K.Flora and fauna at the bottom of the oceanBENTHOS
L.Squad with a "Green Monster" at home (2 wds.)REDSOX
M.Member of a typical woodwind quartetOBOIST
N.Blackbeard's real surnameTEACH
O.Container for a trousseau (2 wds.)HOPECHEST
P.Cape Ann's county in MassachusettsESSEX
Q.Beset by cats and dogs?RAINSWEPT
R.Treated a sore throat, in a wayGARGLED
S.Toward the stern of the shipABAFT
T.Flower-shaped nebula in MonocerosROSETTE
U.Firmly embedded in the brain (2 wds.)DOWNPAT
V.1961's fifth named hurricane, the first ever to be discovered by satellite imageryESTHER
W.Duchy ruled by the Viking RolloNORMANDY
X.Weak; decadent; no longer fertileEFFETE
Y.Squirrel, guinea pig or capybaraRODENT
Z.Undershirt, in British parlanceSINGLET
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