Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 24, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CAMILLE PAGLIA, THE BIRDS - After shooting had finished, most [birds] were released.... However, fifty crows refused to leave the studio lot and perched near Hitchcock's bungalow; they soiled his car until the tree they were roosting in was cut down.

Clues and answers

A.Episode whose ending leaves you in suspenseCLIFFHANGER
B.Filmmaker with a distinctive personal stampAUTEUR
C.Dwelling on the gruesome; provoking horrorMACABRE
D.Journalistic probe of sortsINTERVIEW
E.Clings to and feeds uponLEECHES
F.Largest body of fresh water in Great Britain (2 wds.)LOCHNESS
H.Calm and collected; in a frenzyPOSSESSED
I.Unable to think any further (3 wds.)ATWITSEND
J.Incriminating evidence (with "the")GOODS
K.Twelve to one, often (2 wds.)LUNCHHOUR
L.Field of underwater researchICHTHYOLOGY
M.Like Homer Simpson, when it comes to doughnutsADDICTED
N.One with sticky fingersTHIEF
O.Sexually eager (3 wds., slang)HOTTOTROT
P.Listener who remembers an incidentEARWITNESS
Q.Last word after "one"?BLASTOFF
R.Overboard (3 wds.)INTHEDRINK
S.1954 thriller with James Stewart and Grace Kelly (2 wds.)REARWINDOW
T.Adapt to spartan conditions (2 wds.)DOWITHOUT
U.Fume, lose it, go ballistic (2 wds.)SEERED
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