Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 23, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ANTHONY BURGESS, (THE) PIANOPLAYERS - Here's a chord you can't do without, [my dad] said, if you're a picture palace pianoplayer. You use it for fights, thunderstorms, burst dams, the voice of... God, ... a wife telling her old man... off. ... And he showed me. C E flat G flat A.

Clues and answers

A.The opposite of diminishedAUGMENTED
B.Birthplace of Wynton Marsalis (2 wds.)NEWORLEANS
C.Youmans/Caesar tune from a 1925 musical (3 wds.)TEAFORTWO
D.Like a rapt, expectant audienceHUSHED
E.What Bruce Springsteen got for "Streets of Philadelphia"OSCAR
F.Bandmate of Tork, Dolenz and JonesNESMITH
G.Register-changing callYODEL
H.Rocker who invented Ziggy StardustBOWIE
I.Grand alternativeUPRIGHT
J."Wabash Cannonball" singer (2 wds.)ROYACUFF
K.Material for the body of a sitarGOURD
L.Chanteuse known as the Little Sparrow (2 wds.)EDITHPIAF
M.Shoulder-shaking dance of 1920's flappersSHIMMY
N.1971 film for which Isaac Hayes wrote the themeSHAFT
P.Ballad from "A Hard Day's Night" (3 wds.)IFIFELL
Q.Sound trackAUDIO
R.Lyrical piece typical of ChopinNOCTURNE
S.Roman master of the elegiac coupletOVID
T.___ Music Prize, prestigious award given annually by the king of SwedenPOLAR
U.Note to play slowlyLARGO
V.Out of harmony (2 wds.)ATODDS
W.Jazz musician who recorded "Eastern Sounds" in 1961 (2 wds.)YUSEFLATEEF
X.A source for Wagner's "The Ring of the Nibelung"EDDA
Y."Fascinating" thing in a Gershwin songRHYTHM
Z.Crisply detachedSTACCATO
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