Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 2, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


JANE HOLTZ KAY, ASPHALT NATION — [S]talled traffic has... given us a new... entrepreneur. On the Cross Bronx Expressway,... peddlers cruise from lane to lane hustling mobile phones to the immobilized.... In Boston vendors sell coffee... at jam-packed Callahan Tunnel....

Clues and answers

A.President whose vice president was named ClintonJEFFERSON
B.City on the Bight of BeninACCRA
C."God said 'Let ___ be!' and all was light" (Pope)NEWTON
D.Part of the PentateuchEXODUS
E.Goddess worshiped by magicians and witchesHECATE
F.Winner of the 1936 Nobel for LiteratureONEILL
G.People of a communityLOCALS
H.Swanson product introduced in 1953 (2 wds.)TVDINNER
I.Mineral whose transparent form is used as a gemZIRCON
J.Burial site of American journalist John ReedKREMLIN
K.State Department official accused in 1948 of spying (2 wds.)ALGERHISS
L.Armenia's capital and largest cityYEREVAN
M.Codicil or supplementAPPENDIX
N.High-scoring affairSLUGFEST
O.Quality possessed by an epicurePALATE
P.Philosopher who wrote "Leviathan"HOBBES
Q.Maladroit, bungling (2 wds.)ALLTHUMBS
R.Historic fort on the Oregon TrailLARAMIE
S.Edward L. Stratemeyer's boy wonder (2 wds.)TOMSWIFT
T.Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, e.g.NOSTRUM
U.Scotland's "Granite City"ABERDEEN
V.Trademark for polytetrafluoroethyleneTEFLON
W.Out of favor, disgraced (2 wds.)INDUTCH
X.Business that's not entirely unionized (2 wds.)OPENSHOP
Y.Fruity concoction used in puddingsNESSELRODE
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