Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 18, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


R(ICHARD) F(URNALD) SMITH, PRELUDE TO SCIENCE — Most chemists are tolerant — even proud — about alchemy, but astronomers take a hard line toward astrology. Possibly chemists would be less broadminded if they... saw columns of alchemical advice in all the daily newspapers.

Clues and answers

A.Like some Protestantism and JudaismREFORMED
B.Antennae or tentaclesFEELERS
C.Abstract, precis, apercuSYNOPSIS
D.Rich, sweet wineMUSCATEL
E.Admiration taken overboardIDOLATRY
F.Bench on which a judge may sitTRIBUNAL
G.Tool for cutting metalHACKSAW
H.Heartily consume; save for later (2 wds.)PUTAWAY
I.Gushing with enthusiasmRHAPSODIC
J.Hearten, give courage toEMBOLDEN
K.Composition of the Great Pyramid of GizaLIMESTONE
L.Standing upright; never yieldingUNBOWED
M.Olympic event for men onlyDECATHLON
N.Subunit of our biosphereECOSYSTEM
O.Try before you buy (hyph.)TESTDRIVE
P.Delphic stone thought to mark Earth's centerOMPHALOS
Q.Fill to repletionSATIATE
R.Fair fare served on a stick (2 wds.)CORNDOG
S.Replacement for Karachi as a world capitalISLAMABAD
T.Air Force base near Rapid CityELLSWORTH
U.Striped marsupial that lives on termitesNUMBAT
V.Quixotic obsessionCHIVALRY
W.Biblical prophet who restored a fouled spring by throwing salt into itELISHA
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