Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 17, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


JAMES GLEICK, THE INFORMATION — A notorious example of a meme that could not have emerged in pre-Internet culture was the phrase "jumped the shark."... To jump the shark means to pass a peak of quality or popularity and begin an irreversible decline.

Clues and answers

A.Current affair taking place at a high level? (2 wds.)JETSTREAM
B.The best archer ever, to HindusARJUNA
C."All the world's a stage," e.g.METAPHOR
D.Clinton project kept well-locked (2 wds.)ERIECANAL
E."The ___ Gene" (influential biology book)SELFISH
F.Backers of Nader in 2000GREENS
G.In baseball, a "rope" LINER
H.Division between a period and an ageEPOCH
I.The Dow or the Nikkei 225INDEX
J.Game in which a "bisque" is an extra shotCROQUET
K.River through the Cascade RangeKLAMATH
L.Cap intended to cover a tipTHIMBLE
M.Sitcom on which a tough greaser went water-skiing (2 wds.)HAPPYDAYS
N.Prune on the way to a fair copy (2 wds.)EDITOUT
O.Apple debut of 2001ITUNES
Q.It's often wrapped in a napkinFLATWARE
R.Height with a view; missOVERLOOK
S.Manhandle (2 wds.)ROUGHUP
T.Got engagedMESHED
U.Without much of a heads-upABRUPT
V.Member of a Jutland tribe put down by Rome in 102 B.C.TEUTON
W.Share, as a piece of informationIMPART
X.In theory rather than in practice (2 wds.)ONPAPER
Y.Sudden and unwanted career trajectoryNOSEDIVE
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