Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 16, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ROBERT) HENDRICKSON, THE LITERARY LIFE — The longest common English palindromic word is redivider but... Malayalam, the... language of the Malayali people... equals it, and the rare kinnikinnik, a dried leaf and bark mixture smoked by the Cree... tops it by two letters.

Clues and answers

A.Olivier's directorial debut (2 wds.)HENRYV
B.Greek who postulated four basic elementsEMPEDOCLES
C.Egyptian minority memberNUBIAN
D.Situated away from the centerDISTAL
E.Abundantly suppliedREPLETE
F.Japanese art of arranging flowersIKEBANA
G.Beast that chews a cudCAMEL
H.Doxology in a synagogueKADDISH
I.Brisk or lively, as a paceSMART
J.Obsolete, exhaustedOUTWORN
K.Company with its headquarters in Times SquareNASDAQ
L.Contemporary of Christopher Marlowe (2 wds.)THOMASKYD
M.Wisdom after the eventHINDSIGHT
N."Poetry is ... ___ recollected in tranquillity" (Wordsworth)EMOTION
O.Poker game in which the worst hand winsLOWBALL
P.Pleasingly pastoralIDYLLIC
Q.City near Papago State ParkTEMPE
R.Vocalist of "La Vie en Rose" (2 wds.)EDITHPIAF
S.1975 novel with a contrapuntal cadenceRAGTIME
T.Masterful film directorAUTEUR
U.Land, in a way (2 wds.)REELIN
V.Barrier breaker of 1947YEAGER
W.Rathskeller offeringLAGER
X.Pattern in psychological testingINKBLOT
Y.Bullion trove (2 wds.)FORTKNOX
Z.Umm al-Qaiwain or DubaiEMIRATE
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