Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 15, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(FLANNERY) O'CONNOR, MYSTERY AND MANNERS — His tail raised in a shimmering arch... the peacock will turn this way and that... his beak parted, his eyes glittering. Meanwhile the hen goes about... searching the ground as if any bug in the grass were of more importance...

Clues and answers

A.Construction technique for cranes?ORIGAMI
B.Any member of the rock band ApocalypticaCELLIST
C.Up above; in heaven (2 wds.)ONHIGH
D.One having to be shown the ropesNEWBIE
E.Setting for Shetland and Orkney (2 wds.)NORTHSEA
F.Beginning student who's advanced in ageOPSIMATH
G.Mira or Aldebaran, e.g. (2 wds.)REDGIANT
H.Title for a fencing expertMAESTRO
I.Elohim, by another nameYAHWEH
J.Ray with a toothy snoutSAWFISH
K.Do as Mumble the penguin does in "Happy Feet" (hyph.)TAPDANCE
L.Danegeld-paying English kingETHELRED
M.Do over, as decorREFURBISH
N.Campaign slogan of the 2000s (3 wds.)YESWECAN
O.Trait for which certain show dogs are judgedAGILITY
P.Winner of a 1955 match race over SwapsNASHUA
Q.Shirt often worn with a kufi capDASHIKI
R.Maker of Elvis's D-28 guitarMARTIN
S.Anti-possession possession?AMULET
T.Young Truman Capote, to young Harper LeeNEIGHBOR
U.Practice pettifoggeryNITPICK
V.Playful feature hidden in some software (2 wds.)EASTEREGG
W.Move to a fallback positionRETRENCH
X.1965 top 5 hit using just one chord throughoutSHOTGUN
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